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Proceeds from our store go to support Painted Paws for Veterans, a Colorado 501(c)3 Non-profit corporation organized to help Veterans and their families, especially those with PTSD, live a more independent life.

PPFV promotes ownership of canine companions in order to provide emotional support and a way to reconnect to life and family, both during and after military service.

To find out more about Painted Paws for Veterans, please visit our website here

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When it comes to gems and stones, it can be downright scary to purchase them online now days. Many of the items now come from countries such as China, India and Indonesia. And the prices online look great so you think, "Why not?" But then the item comes in and you look at it and wonder if it is actually real. It doesn't seem to weigh as much as you expected. In fact, it almost feels like plastic. Something just doesn't seem right.

Many of the countries now supplying gems and stones to the U.S. have developed ways to make plastics, resins and other lab-created materials look just like real gemstones. But they are really good fakes. Gemstones are a product of nature. And, they are often filled with imperfections. So if your overseas gemstone looks perfect, it is probably not real.

Here at Mystic Earth Treasures, we are avid rockhounders and we create many of our custom items from stones we have personally gathered from across the country for years. We cut, shape and polish stones right here on the Ranch. 

So our promise to you is that your gemstone item will be real.

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